2022 New Year Reading – 4 Seasons Reading – 4 Card Spread

Available for a limited time, in short supply.

Your 4 Seasons Tarot Card Reading reveals:

  • where you’ll see growth in 2022
  • how you can regain vitality and energy
  • how to align yourself with what you want to attract
  • what and how to release what’s no longer needed

You’ll get an individually crafted, downloadable PDF of your tarot card reading that you can keep, save, print, and refer back to whenever you need.

(Read more about this unique spread in the full description below.)

Readings are performed on a first come, first serve basis. I’m currently booked through the New Year. Please be patient with e-mails during the Holiday season as I will have limited e-mail access.


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Your first season: Align


The first card I pull for you will tell you all about the primary season of your 2022. This is a season of alignment and attunement, where you’re figuring out what you want to see grow in the coming year. Your tarot card will reveal beneficial intentions for you to focus on, as well as guidance on setting impactful goals.

Your second season: Rejuvenate 


The second card in your spread reveals where energy is pouring into your life. It teaches you how to become open to new routes and possibilities. This season allows you to regain your vitality and provides you with inspiration to take everything to the next level. It’s the amplification of your highest purpose and potential.

Your third season: Attract


Your third card in your reading guides you to attract what’s best for you and the enhancement of your life. The past two parts of this seasonal cycle have set you up with alignment and rejuvenation. Now, in this season, you’re actively attracting what you’re set out to achieve. This card encourages your ability to make magic.

Your fourth season: Release


The fourth and final card in your reading will lead you into a gentle release, one that’s essential to the evolution of your entire being. There will be so much progress that occurs throughout the first three seasons of your year, that there’s bound to be some outdated thoughts, habits, and beliefs you’re ready to shed. This card gives you clarity on how.

Here’s what you’ll get with this New Year Tarot Reading:

  • a photo of your 4 card spread
  • an in-depth, intuitive interpretation of your cards and card placements
  • details about your chosen area of insight
  • messages that come through from your spirit guides

All in a convenient downloadable PDF that you can keep, save, print, and refer back to whenever you need.

Carry this reading with you as your companion on your journey through the new year to maximize your potential.

*An e-mail that requires a response from you before your reading is performed will be sent to you immediately after purchase. Make sure to check all your e-mail folders after purchase.


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