September 2021 Equinox Ritual

Like an ancient clock in the sky, the Sun is arriving directly above the Earth’s equator on September 22nd, 2021.

This event marks the time when night and day are of equal length.

Where I’m located, in the Northern Hemisphere, this Autumnal Equinox currently marks the moment of equality celebrated before days shorten and night grows long. 

Yin and yang of Earth: this is balanced out by the Southern Hemisphere experiencing Vernal Equinox, the yearned for moment before daylight grows longer than night.

Human civilizations all over the globe have long created structures that align with the rising and setting sun on the Equinox. A sign that leads into a new season.

You’ll find that this time of year you’ll recall some poignant memories. 

These memories are a bit intrusive and abruptly arrive before bed, in your dreams, or randomly throughout the day. 

Why? Well, the equal waves of light and dark provide a shift in your internal harmony, opening you up enough for the bigger memories and thoughts to come to the forefront.

I’ve created this ritual that focuses on your alignment with this event. 

This Equinox Ritual guides you to manifest:

  • peace in your inner world
  • harmony in your romantic relationships
  • balance in all your spiritual connections

I spell out how you can use the harmony of light and dark on Earth to manifest more peace in your own inner world, harmony in your romantic relationships, an balance in all of your spiritual connections.

There’s a special touch in this ritual, inviting more loving and healing, to amplify your desires and spiritual practice.

The best part? You won’t need any tools to practice this ritual other than YOU and the ritual itself.


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