There’s never been a more vital time to add meditation to your self care routine.

You’ve heard of the term “cabin fever” before…. Being cooped up inside and more isolated than usual can drive you a little crazy.

It causes anxiety, irritation, and depression to creep back into the picture, no matter the baseline of your mental health.

The added uncertainty of if or when life will return to some resemblance of what we knew as “normal life” before surely doesn’t help.

You know, being able to spend time with friends and loved ones in person… Sharing experiences and building connections with others.

Well at this point in time, your relationship with yourself and your mental health are brought into the forefront.

Old buried memories are coming up for you to face so you can heal and release them.

This guided meditation practice for relieving anxiety will assist you in keeping it all together during these uncertain times (and will continue to serve you when things inevitably improve again).

It will help you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and a more relaxed brainwave state so that you can literally program your body and mind to relax and heal.

Despite the numerous scientific health benefits, meditation can often feel distant and unapproachable.

“Where do I begin?” “How can I integrate this practice into my life?” “I’m not a monk!”

However, it’s such a powerful tool for you to have in your toolbox…

I’m determined to make it easier for you to integrate this practice, bringing more peace and balance to your life.

That’s why I created this guided meditation for relieving anxiety, an immersive journey of healing and transformation. 

You’ll be shown how to dissolve tension and it will assist you with tapping into a peace that’s already there, if only you tune into it.