The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck Review

The Wild Unknown’s decks have always been my go-to for readings. I use The Wild Unknown Tarot deck every day in personal readings for clients, and have done so for over 3 years. The beautiful artwork on the cards is also shown on my website.

As soon as I saw Kim Krans (the artist behind The Wild Unknown) was working on a new project: Archetypes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Available October 15th

I’m blessed to have been offered the opportunity to experience this new deck first hand and share more information about it as a sponsored partner. It’s an honor to collide our worlds and work together.

Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated in exchange for my honest review. All of my thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by the sponsor whatsoever.

With that being said, let’s open this box and review the magical contents.

My first impression getting my hands on the box is that I’m very impressed by the quality and details of the packaging. It’s sturdy, and will hold up over time and with lots of usage. It’s got some weight to it, so let’s see what’s inside.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Box and Outer Sleeve
The Wild Unknown Archetypes Box and Outer Sleeve

Opening up the box, I see the 224 page guidebook laying on top, greeting me with the diamond art that’s used on the card back.

This guidebook definitely sets the Archetype deck apart from the rest. I’m used to the more common miniature booklets that typically come with Tarot and Oracle decks.

The guidebook that comes with the Archetypes deck is a full book, with a table of contents and all. Thankfully, this will help find the card you pick’s description with ease.

It has solid binding and thorough descriptions to reflect upon (and mmm it comes with that new books smell). Weird fact about me, I always smell my cards and books.

I recommend reading “The Ocean within the Mountain”, the first entry in the guidebook. The vulnerability and magic woven between Kim’s words about her experience with this deck is really profound.

Under the guidebook lay the cards. They come in their own protective box. The box alone is gorgeous. I appreciate how everything has its specific place for storage within the set to keep it in good condition for a long time.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck, Guidebook, and Cards Box.

The most obvious aspect about these cards that stand out to me is their shape and size. Large circular cards that take up my entire grip (my hands are on the smaller size).

There’s a unique vibe these cards have, just like the artwork and the Archetypes that follow suit. Holding the cards in my hands, I can tell you that there’s nothing else out there like this deck.

I’ve previously seen some previews of the cards on Instagram that Kim has been sharing for the past few months, and I am pleasantly surprised nonetheless with the final product. (I’ve been keeping up with Kim’s Instagram, giving us glimpses of the cards throughout their creation, and having them in my hands brought them to life).

The unboxing of these cards have piqued my interest in an area of energy work that I haven’t yet tapped into. I’m so intrigued and look forward to using these cards in Today’s Energy Reading, and more regularly to better understand and learn the Archetypes and use Kim’s thorough guidebook for reference and contemplation.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Cards
The Wild Unknown Archetypes Cards Front and Back

I bet by now you’re wondering what Archetypes are.

Well, throughout the history of human civilization, humans have used Archetypes in the form of stories to teach lessons. With this deck, Kim Krans has worked to distill the ancient wisdom of these human archetypes to better understand ourselves and others.

There are thousands of Tarot and Oracle decks out there. So what makes the Archetypes deck unique and worthwhile?

The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck is like a course on the complex behavioral tendencies and personalities found in our human nature.

Your story is written in the stars, grounded on Earth, and these cards can help you understand the characters that appear through your chapters.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck is now available through HarperCollins PublishingAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

If you get this deck, tag me on Instagram (@themoontarot) with the first card you pull for yourself.

By the way, I just reviewed The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot Deck and compared it to the original version. Check out the comparison, unboxing, and review now.

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