July 2020 Numerology Reading

Welcome to July, we’re now more than half way through this rollercoaster of a year.

Each month carries with it a unique energy and July 2020 brings along the energy of 11.

You take the number of the month and add it to the year, so in this case it’s 7+2+0+2+0=11 

The number 11 is the first so called “master number” which isn’t reduced to a single digit (22,33,44, etc are others).

In the tarot, 11 energy is represented by Justice. ⚖️

⁠Justice aims to provide it’s lessons and teachings by balancing the scales of karma.

Every action has a reaction, and the truth is coming to the surface. Balance is being restored through karmic ties being severed.

The Universe holds you accountable, and you will receive your just reward.

Considering the other energetic influences going on, there will be important shadow work for you to do.

Learn the lessons from your past mistakes. Re-evaluate and release outdated mental patterns and ways of thinking.

This can be a very challenging and testing period if you’ve been hiding from your shadows. But if you’ve been doing the self-work, please remain focused and carry on because you’re likely to be justly rewarded.

To find clarity about the changes going on within you, choose your card for July’s Interactive Reading.

The card that you choose will tell you what you’re aligned with, what to avoid, and provide you with more information regarding how the energy of July is impacting you.