5 Steps to Achieve a Balanced, Productive Work Day at Home

A morning routine that will guide your flow for the remainder of the day.

Considering that more people are working from home than ever before, there’s a great need for simple steps to manage your work day from home (and make it more rewarding).

As someone who’s been working remotely & from home full-time for a few years now, I’ve discovered (through lots of trial and error) how to balance personal needs with work needs.

These 5 steps will create a morning routine that will guide your flow for the remainder of the day:

  1. As you wake up, offer self compassion. Soothe your heartbeat with deep breaths of gratitude for a new day.

  2. Hygiene & Hydrate. Brush your teeth, drink some water. Happy cells in your body!

  3. Gentle connection. Offer compassion to another. Check in on the heartbeats in your house. Text someone you love.

  4. Fuel. Prepare some healthy, sustainable meals that energize you.

  5. When you’ve taken care of yourself and your needs, then you can begin your work in the right state of mind.

Of course this list is fluid to your unique needs… however it creates a full cup that you can then share with others.

When you take care of you… separate of your work, you maintain balance which allows you to give your best.

Save this image for easy reference, and to share with others!

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Bonus Tips:

  • Set boundaries! Create an office or designated work area where you do your work and only your work (not in your bed, trust me).
    • This allows you to create a healthy boundary so you can be physically aware of your space, and know when to turn off work and spend time on taking care of yourself and your loved ones.
    • If there are no boundaries, then you may find yourself unable to “unplug” from your work (don’t let your work drain your energy).
  • Take little breaks throughout the day.
    • Get up, stretch out, make some tea or get a drink. Do some breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. Continue to check in with yourself and your mindset. This will help you remain present and keep track of time.

If you have any other tips that you find are helpful, please share them in a comment below!

Take care of yourself first, so that you can show up for others feeling your best.

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