Full Blue Moon in Taurus October 31st

Today’s a special day! There’s a Blue Full Moon in the sign of Taurus.

What does this mean?

October began with a Full Moon (in Aries) on the 1st. Today’s Full Moon is the second in the month, which is what gives it the title of being a Blue Moon.

Blue Moons are a period of great release. The first Full Moon of the month begins building the energy up to its greatest point… today the Blue Moon.

This Full Blue Moon in Taurus is also a Micro-Moon, which indicates its at its furthest distance in its cycle around Earth. What makes this even more incredible is that the next New Moon is a Super-Moon which is when the moon is at its closest point to Earth. This pendulum from Micro to Super in the span of just 2 weeks is extreme… So is the energy it invokes.

October 31st is a day that celebrates those who have ventured beyond the veil. The energy surrounding this date is vibrant with ancestral wisdom and karmic lessons.

The next couple weeks you’re going to face what you need to purge from your life. This specific Full Moon today is illuminating what you’re ready to release from your life for good.

This work is deep.

What follows is a process.

Are you ready to begin the energy work that embarks you on a journey of healing?

Blue Full Moon in Taurus Interactive Tarot Reading

Start now, inspire your connection with your intuition by picking your tarot card for your Full Blue Moon in Taurus Energy Reading.

This reading reveals:

  • how to release the negativity that you hold onto (or that holds onto you) 
  • what part of yourself you’re facing (or need to come to terms with) 
  • the energy that you’re aligned with during this period of heightened sensitivity

I’ve also added a special Protection Ritual to each reading. 

This simple ritual will help you remain grounded and keep your energy centered as the veil as at its thinnest (it’s especially great for those who are empathetic and can be reused for other circumstances).

Learn more about this unique event and what it specifically means for you in your Full Blue Moon in Taurus Energy Reading

Here for you,

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