How to Clear Your Mind and Reduce Stress

With the unprecedented times we’re living in, it’s never been more important to dedicate time and energy to your mental health.

This simple guide will teach you a practice you can use to clear your mind, reduce stress, and calm anxiety.

  • Let’s begin by taking a few deep and relaxed breaths.
  • As you bring your attention to your breath, slow it down and deepen it… Inhale through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth.
  • After a few deep breaths, allow it to find a calm, natural rhythm.
  • Thoughts will come and go…. just let them.
  • Realize you’re not your thoughts… You’re the mirror, the observer watching them pass by. 
  • As thoughts arise, release your attachment to them. Close your eyes and return your attention to your breath.

This process allows you to become more mindful of the number of thoughts you have and how easily they can run rampant (this also known as monkey mind in Buddhist and Taoist teachings).

Instead of judging yourself or getting upset for having thoughts that you may disagree with, you can gain more control and less attachment to them over time through consistent practice.

As you implement this, it will help you reduce stress and anxiety in multiple ways.

Just as you can train your body through muscle memory, so too can you train your brain.

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