Lion’s Gate Portal Ritual

On 8/8 there’s an event called the Lion’s Gate Portal that’s activating a great spiritual shift on Earth.

This event occurs when our Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo, the Lion. There’s another star in the sky, aligned with Earth that makes this event so special.

This special star is also known as our Spiritual Sun, Sirius

Our Sun provides the power available for physical life on Earth to prosper. Sirius provides the power that’s available for spiritual ascending and growth.

When Sirius aligns with Earth on 8/8, a portal is opened, meaning that there’s a bridge between the physical world and spiritual world, and there’s so much that’s crossing over.

The spiritual sun rays of Sirius that are beaming down will be opening third eyes all over the world and bringing with it fresh spiritual insights. Number 8 represents the material plane and manifestation. Together their alignment forms a beautiful balancing act. 

This portal is presenting you with a unique opportunity to gain spiritual and intuitive insights on material matters.

Want to make the most of this transformative energy?

I crafted this ritual for you which will help:

  • align your Sacral Chakra
  • activate your Third Eye Chakra
  • release stagnant energy, excess heat, and emotional blockages
  • tap into the spiritual knowledge and connection streaming in from Sirius

It uses everyday items that you already have in your possession. It’s straightforward and easy to follow. There’s no prior experience with rituals necessary.

Upon your spiritual path, there are few times a year where it’s so beneficial to put in the work to clear your vessel for the divine downloads of our cosmos. This is one of those times.

* Note: This energy is most ripe and auspicious within 8 days of 8/8, so it’s best to complete the ritual when you have time within the next week.


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