Mars Retrograde in Aries Ritual

On 9/9 Mars goes Retrograde in Aries until 11/13.

I know you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde before, and just like that period of time, you’re going to retrace your steps and uncover what’s been repressed.

Mars is the planet of action and a Retrograde period is a time of reservation. The resistance that these two oppose upon each other will impact you for the next two months.

The energy that this event brings is hot and polarizing. You’ll need to harness your healthy coping mechanisms in order to keep your composure.

This ritual breaks you free from old ways of acting and helps you understand how to authentically create your next movements forward.

It will also help provide you with the energy to thrive during this period of introspection (in a way that challenges your previous thought of the impact of action).

It uses everyday items that you already have in your possession. It’s straightforward and easy to follow. There’s no prior experience with rituals necessary.

Note: You can perform this ritual as often as you’d like during this retrograde period.


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