Uranus is Retrograde in Taurus, Here’s What it Means for You

On August 15th, the planet Uranus, which currently resides in the sign of Taurus, is moving into Retrograde.

Let’s unpack this a bit…

Uranus is the rebellious planet. It rules technology and electricity, giving it the nickname “The Great Awakener”.

When this planet is in the spotlight, it jolts society forward.

Uranus is in charge of creating sudden changes that dissolve complacency and fine-tune ordinary perceptions to higher frequencies.

However, this planet doesn’t always create these changes gracefully. 

It incites revolution with steadfast rebellion. It creates chaos without second guessing about the demolition of outdated structures. The upheaval Uranus causes leads us toward humanitarian acts of service that ultimately creates a harmonious society.

  • Highest Expression: Original, rebellious, humanitarian, awakening, intuitive, eccentric.
  • Lowest Expression: Lack of caution, frustration, loss of familiar and comfort.
Taurus Energy Depicted
Taurus Energy

Taurus is an Earth sign, and carries a sensual beauty that’s beautifully rooted in the ground. This astrological placement is the home of magnetizing practicality. Taurus is a sign of prosperity and good fortune in monetary matters. However, retrograde can uncover some of the lower expressions conveyed by this sign.

  • Highest Expression: Generous, dependable, compassionate, grounded, patient, practical, and determined.
  • Lowest Expression: Self-doubt, overindulgence, stubborn, vanity, materialistic, unreasonable, resistant to change.

When a planet has slowed down in its orbit, it goes into Retrograde

This means that the planet in Retrograde (in this case, Uranus) appears to be moving backward. It’s retracing its path, revisiting energy that has been repressed. 

What’s interesting is that a Retrograde is actually an optical illusion.

The planet has slowed down, making it seem as though it’s moving backward since Earth is still moving forward at the same consistent speed as before.

The consistently forward planetary tide that we move through is resisted by the planet in Retrograde. This optical illusion is the perfect mirror of your perception.

Even if it appears that you’re moving backwards, you’re not. You’re just revisiting what has been repressed, and what is now outdated with new insights.

  • Highest Expression: New understandings, insight, freedom from repression.
  • Lowest Expression: Setbacks, misunderstandings, irritations, disruptions.

So what does this all mean for you?

All together, this combined energy exposes the facade that societies have molded into. Illusions are falling away due to the changes in your perception. 

Upgrades in technology and the quality of information you’re able to receive are groundbreaking. The opposite of this is blatantly obvious, and the pendulum will swing further away as this Retrograde unfolds. 

The previously labeled “unconventional” ways of living are breaking through blinded conformity. In the destruction, there’s light shining through the cracks. 

The planet Uranus
Uranus, the rebel planet.

You may want to cling to the old habits that became comfortable to you. The rebels are powered up, causing a lot of excitement as well as deep fear of change. Meet yourself with compassion during this experience. 

False projections will fall wayside to authentic expression. 

When the innovative planet of Uranus is in the steady sign of Taurus, these two pair up to advance current technological baselines, especially when dealing with money. Uranus shakes up the Earth sign of Taurus, showing the roots that have not been tended to and that aren’t growing or supporting the growth of our society.

Already a volatile pair, this attracts revolutionary progress. 

Have you ever met a disciplined rebel? Someone who obeys the rules of not obeying the rules. They have a fire within them that bulldozes all that isn’t working for the highest and greatest good. These types of people are coming to the forefront.

Taking this pair and then adding the illusion of Retrograde motion allows you to revisit the structures in your own money matters. Notice what you’ve personally neglected your own sense of security and monetary success.

You’ll see very clearly how this unfolds in governments around the world. No one is immune to the sudden realizations and changes that are influenced.

You’re alive during a remarkable period of human advancement, even if it’s hard to see now.

You have an important role to play in the demolition and reconstruction of our global society.

The yearnings of your heart are felt by the Universe. The dreams you’ve held onto since childhood are dripping in possibility. This is the period of your life where you’ll be able to pour yourself into the changes that need to happen without fear that you’re making a mistake. 

Uranus in Taurus is Retrograde from August 15th, 2020 until January 18th, 2021.

This period will offer so much insight on how to create a better life, full of abundance. Your needs deserve to be met, and the outdated way of life wasn’t supporting that. 

Now, even the planets are joining in on the revolution to create a sustainable way of life for all.

I bet now after reading this, you understand how important this period of your life is. I’m here to guide you through this tumultuous journey and to teach you how you can find a sense of calm and all-knowing trust in your path.

Together, we can learn from the illusions presenting themselves. 

Want to make the most of this powerful period?

The first step is to meet this Retrograde head on, no fear. With the Uranus in Taurus Retrograde Ritual I crafted for you, you’ll cultivate the energy necessary to step up and that charge of your life.

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