Lion's Gate Portal 8/8 What You Need To Know

What to know about the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

It’s an event that occurs when our Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo, the Lion. There’s another important star in the sky aligning with Earth, making this event so special.

Have you ever heard the term “dog days of summer”?

Well, the star Sirius, which is part of the constellation Canis Major (the Greater Dog), attributes to that. 

Sirius, also referred to as the Spiritual Sun, is the brightest star visible from Earth. It’s more than 20 times brighter than our Sun.

Our Sun provides the power available for physical life on Earth to prosper. Sirius provides the power that’s available for spiritual ascending and growth.

When Sirius aligns with Earth on 8/8, a portal is opened, meaning that there’s a bridge between the physical world and spiritual world, and there’s so much that’s crossing over.

Sirius Shining Bright

You may experience:

  • an influx of ideas
  • increased sensitivity
  • headaches
  • dehydration
  • hearing high pitched tones
  • a sense of connection to all that is

How to receive the spiritual frequency pouring in:

  • drink water (add lemon, lime, cucumber, or watermelon)
  • spend some time with closed eyes and an open mind
  • journal, write down your thoughts, emotions, and ideas
  • ground down by touching your bare feet to the Earth
  • breathe consciously and fully
  • complete the Lion’s Gate Ritual

The energy that pours unto Earth at this time is received differently by everyone.

There are common themes that occur, however if you don’t experience them, or you experience something totally different, don’t worry.

The experience you have is exactly the experience you need.

The most important thing to take away from this is hope.

There’s hope that our world is shifting into a more harmonious way of living, where equality is the norm, and sustainability is supported.

With the Lion’s Gate Portal opened, you very well may receive some key instructions on how your path will make this possible. You play a vital role in the progression of our global community.

The ideas you have to create a better way of living are necessary. Keep your journal handy during this time, so you can revisit the insights gained in the future.

The Numerology of this celestial event gives insight on how special this time of spiritual activation is.

The Lion’s Gate Portal energy peaks on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year, which unfolds while the sun is in the sign of Leo. Number 8 just so happens to be associated with the sign of Leo.

What’s also interesting is that card number 8 of the Major Arcana in Tarot is Strength, often depicted as a Lion like in The Wild Unknown’s Tarot Deck pictured below.

The Energy of Number 8

Number 8 is often a fortunate number. It represents infinity, karma, and manifestation.

It also relates to giving and receiving, transformation, wealth, strength, will, and achievement.

If the number 8 could talk, it’s lesson would be simple: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

It presents favorable aspects for:

  • settling financial matters
  • relying on your intuition
  • leadership through wisdom
  • business plans and deals
  • giving to others
  • seeking advice from a mentor

The spiritual sun rays of Sirius that are beaming down will be opening third eyes left and right, bringing with it spiritual insights.

Number 8 represents the material plane and manifestation. Together their alignment forms a beautiful balancing act. 

This portal is presenting you with a unique opportunity to gain spiritual and intuitive insights on material matters.

By reflecting and meditating upon your path, you will be able to set the foundation for a more balanced future.

Note: This energy is most ripe and auspicious within 8 days of 8/8.

Want to make the most of this transformative energy?

Align your spiritual path with your material path so you can find more harmony in your life with a specially crafted ritual I made just for you.

Lion's Gate Ritual

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  1. Cheryl Michaels

    Wow this resonates so well with what am busy with.. recently I started my herbal bath salts and am inspired on a daily basis..creativity and beautiful ideas coming in so fast can’t even contain ☺️

  2. This is the most wonderful reading yet!!! So detailed and always on point from where I’m heading on my beautiful spiritual journey!!!! Thank you and so much light, love, and peace to you all !! ♡

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